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Myrddin Offshore Wind Farm

is a proposed renewable energy development located in the Celtic Sea, off the Devon and Cornwall coasts in south west England and the Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales.

collection of wind turbines at sea
About the project

At its nearest point, Myrddins’s wind turbines will be over 105km off the south west coast of Wales. The project has the potential to deliver enough renewable energy to help power over 1.5M households annually, helping the UK to meet its binding target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 78% by 2035.

The project also has the potential to deliver ultra low carbon hydrogen produced offshore utilising the Dolphyn Hydrogen concept, which would contribute to the UK Hydrogen Strategy targets.

Project Timeline to 2031

Site selection phase

Stakeholder engagement

Begins with the project and continues throughout each phase of the development process


Site refinement

Environmental surveys


Feasibility studies 

Fisheries Liaison Officer (FLO) appointed



The Crown Estate seabed lease process


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies


Planning application


Planning granted


Commence construction


Complete construction

Commence generating clean renewable energy

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